Case Study

A unique organization founded to help low-income students thrive by teaching skills that  traditional schools do not, all through mentoring programs, developed by successful CEO’s and taught by them.


The Challenges

  • Budget: Mentor Rocket was a brand-new nonprofit with close to no marketing budget.
  • Logo creation: help them develop a new logo that represents the organization.
  • Brief video to explain what the organization does.
  • Improve their non-growing social media platforms.
  • Increase industry validation through their social media outlets.
  • All these while taking extreme care of their marketing budget.

The Solution

After understanding what the organization needed, it all started with crafting the perfect logo and branding guidelines that was attractive and easy to apply on marketing materials and social media. 

A social media strategy was crafted and executed that showed what Mentor Rocket does for the community, the elite level of their mentors and the  kind of topics and skills that are taught in the different programs and sessions they offer.


The Results

Monetary and in-kind donations thanks to social media platforms.

Social Media Total Reach in year 1: 116,347

Validation as an elite mentoring nonprofit: Potential donors and partners are directed to social media to see updated information about the organization.

Institutional video to explain what organization does in just a few seconds.

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